Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've learned something interesting about myself. I guess it would be about people in general, really.

I was talking to Brittany about being introverted and extroverted; how someone processes the information in a situation. (She processes internally, I do not.)

And a conversation with Sarah made me realize why I do some of the weird things I do (I won't go into details but it is essentially the result of feeling no control in a relationship. Controlling what little I can control.)

Through these conversations I was able to recognize that I do not figure things out mentally. I need to tell someone or to write it out. This is why my blog can get really personal at times: it is where I figure things out. There are probably 50+ entries still in draft because I either still have not figured out the complete thought or I was able to come to a conclusion and no longer needed it.

I do not verbalize my thoughts well. Probably because I don't figure out what conclusion I'm trying to come to until I'm there.
Thank heavens women speak observationally so often, rather than making a point all the time. I would be silent or just be spewing out rambling sentences that, although empassioned, aren't a coherent thought.

Because of this I have a difficult time communicating with someone who doesn't give me the time to figure out what I'm trying to say. This is also why I come off as flippant and superficial.

So if you really want to know something about me don't accept the first answer to a question, I probably haven't thought about it enough to have a genuine answer.

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Brittany said...

Here's a coincidence for you: in my dream last night, I was trying to explain that introvert vs. extrovert article you showed me to Celeste. We kept getting interrupted, and she wasn't really listening. But that actually happened!