Saturday, May 28, 2011

Much cuddling to be had.

Last night a friend of Kevin's told a story that ended with "[slight pause] and then we cuddled."
Oh man, I think that's the best way to end any story! "My client hated his haircut so much he yelled at me for ten minutes straight...and then we cuddled."

The comedic possibilities are virtually endless! (Especially when you are as easily amused as I am.)

I found a ten dollar bill on the sidewalk...and then we cuddled.

The homeless guy asked me for change but I only had my debit card...and then we cuddled.


It turns out my 2-month-old niece likes to watch The Bachelorette; who knew?

Sweet Kumquat was asleep in her crib so I skimmed through my Netflix queue for something to watch while Meridith and Ben were at the movies. Ah dang, Netflix errored every time I clicked a title...ABC Player to the rescue!

Modern Family? Always good, but in the mood for something else.
Body of Proof? I really like this new show, but want something different.
The Bachelorette? Sheesh, not at all my usual but I have been left out of conversations at work because I haven't seen this season yet.

So I chose the least likely show, haha, not what I expected to be doing with my Saturday night.
As I reached over to start the show I heard sweet Kumquat's little squawk. Woohoo, she was awake! Sure, she was supposed to be sleeping, but babysitting 'Quat is way more fun when she is alert.

So little miss 'Quat and I watched The Bachelorette together and Kumquat was totally enthralled...ok, interested in the moving objects on the screen...I like to think she was as in to it as me. Kumquat probably thinks Tim and Anthony were obnoxious from the start. She just has to, she's a smart girl.

Q fell asleep on my shoulder
...and then we cuddled.

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