Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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I have 11 unfinished posts that are still marked draft. Oops.

My attention span is shortening.

(Which sounds like my entire attention is toward shortening/butter/fat. Which, lets me honest, works too.)

I am pretty sure there are no longer 24 hours in a day...more like 18. I'm pretty sure that the moment I fall asleep the world spins faster and suddenly my alarm is going off.
Dang, I'm tired.

As assistant manager I am required to be flexible with my schedule. And work 35-50 hours per week. And some of that has to be weekend nights. And be happy to do that. And do paperwork. Lots of meaningless paperwork.

So I am working a lot...and very little else. I hardly have time or the right schedule to do things with friends.

Its hard to be dependent on others for my transportation. Its obnoxious for me as well as those driving me around.
I miss George.

 I got my official auto loan denied letter this week. Hmmmm, looks like I'm be a mooch for a while longer.
Which is probably all for the better; I don't know what kind of car I want. I'll mourn George's death longer...can't replace him too soon.

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