Monday, February 14, 2011

Best day ever

I love Valentine's Day in general and today was no different.

Not that anything spectacular was pretty normal: I got up at 7:30, was at work by 8:40, worked until about 4 and headed home.

Oh Valentine's Day, you make me so jolly.

I had this on repeat everytime I was in the car:

(This song, turned up really loud, is perfect dance-in-the-car music. I love Hanson.)

And I bought a hyacinth for each coworker coming in today. And then AaronP brought me a rose when he came over to fix George for me (dead battery), and Chelsey&Megan brought me a Valentine. And I did Michelle's haircolor.

And there was a guy walking down State Street with a bouqet in each hand (for mom and girlfriend?), and there was a guy dressed in an ape suit holding a sign that said something like Kyle loves Shauna (names changed because I totally can't remember them.) I love it.

And the cups stuck in the chain link fence on the overpass on University Pkwy didn't spell out someones name, like usual. Nope, today the fence said, " 'ello Govna" which made me laugh SO HARD when I passed it.

I am the most easily pleased/entertained person.

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