Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Platypus the turtle

I have found that I have an intense love of accessories. Jewelry, specifically.

I am not a dainty person by any stretch of the imagination, so the typical stud earring and delicate necklace combination just doesn't work for me. It makes my features seem HUGE. ("I love that tiny soap they give you. I pretend its normal soap and my muscles are huge." - Jerry Seinfeld)

So I have come to appreciate large statement-making pieces that could overwhelm a smaller person than myself.

I recently named my owl necklace. Yeah, ok, thats weird, but I was in the car with The Honeyman, and...yeah...thats pretty much all I need to say. I have a turtle necklace that I named Platypus (Honeyman suggested I name him Terry...), so I needed to name my owl. I named him Winston.

This is Winston up-close.

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Tashina said...

Where'd you get your owl? I have one too! I got mine at Forever 21, and it's gold/bronze/whatever.