Monday, July 05, 2010

Get me out of here

I was complaining to a friend that I was disappointed I had to work tomorrow, during the parade. Oh wah. I have a job. I have a decent (meh.) steady paycheck for doing something I love.

So let me just say this: I am grateful I have my job. I'm grateful that I get to do the thing I love doing every day.

But this is just not for me.
I strongly dislike the way stylists are disposable to my company. We are a name on a paper. A statistic. Requests for a certain stylist are discouraged. We are taught to tell customers that every stylist is trained to do everything, and can do it as well as the requested stylist. We are to create brand loyalty, not stylist loyalty. (Understandable; a company needs to bring in and subsequently keep their customers...but frustrating nonetheless.)

I am required to take care of every customer in less than 17 minutes. From getting their name all the way through their credit card running through. LESS THAN 17 MINUTES. Getting their information, introducing myself, leading them back to my station, consultation, doing the actual haircut, have them check everything over, blowdry, style. And then I'm basically required to shove products into their hands, try to get them to buy it, walk them over to the retail walls, explain the various products, ring them up, swipe the credit card. When it finally goes through the computer stops timing me. LESS THAN SEVENTEEN MINUTES. They really want it to be between 13 and 15 mintues.

Not only is it, oh, encouraged, but at the moment I am about 90 seconds too slow on average and have been threatened with suspension and having my hours cut.

Oh shoot me.

I do not encourage any friends to go to my salon.
A few weeks ago my manager told me she realized what my problem cuts are "too stylized."

I really just want my own salon with my own clientele.

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lisapants said...

All those restrictions are ridiculous. Plus, I bet they don't let you play pool with your clients afterwards, either.

PS, love my hair!