Monday, July 19, 2010

Dating advice from the playground

     One night while on vacation in San Diego this summer, I sat on the balcony of our hotel room with my 11-year-old nieces (Abigail and Caroline) and my 5-year-old nephew (Luke) and we chatted until well past their bedtimes.

     The girls are going into middle school this fall, so they were asking me for advice on things like How do you deal with bullies? They are so cute and I can't believe they are already old enough to be in middle school. Thats crazy talk.
     I asked them how this past year had gone in school. I asked about their friends, favorite subjects, and their crushes. Abigail told me all about the boy from down the street, with whom she regularly gchats. (Haha, I love that.) Caroline told me about the boy she likes, although she was very reluctant to divulge any details. (I love how different Abby and Care are -- Abs is so blunt while CareBear is shy.)
     Luke told me all about Paisley, a girl at his preschool. I asked Lukie what it was about Paisley that caught his eye. He did a little chuckle and quietly said, "She smiled at me." SO DANG CUTE!

Little Lukie, ever the sage, proclaimed to his sister, cousin, and aunt:

"If you like a boy just be nice to him!"

Oh... why didn't we think of that?


Isn't he just one of the cutest little guys ever?!

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