Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Holly: "Yeah, I read about that on your Facebook."
Sus: "Uh...I didn't write it on Facebook."
Holly: "Oh?"
Sus: "Oh, I wrote it on Twitter."
Holly: "Then I read it on Twitter."

Sus: "...I didn't know she reads my Twitter..." *

Haha. Here is my problem: I have many stories to tell. Many stories to tell. However, they all involve people who may either frequent this place or have knowledge of this place. And although usually tame and even hilarious, some stories are not those that I'd like those people being privy to.

Thus the conundrum.

To tell the funny stories and chance hold back the funny stories. I don't know.

* (I love that Holly read my Twitter feed, really I do. This sounds like I don't like it. I do.)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you meant, "Thus, the condundip", didn't you?

Amy said...

Oh..please don't hold back. I want the funny stories.

Ashley said...

funny stories are always awesome!!! Maybe just run the stories by those involved to make sure they wouldn't mind the whole of the internet sharing in the hilarity! lol