Thursday, September 10, 2009

Made a deal not to feel

I was talking to a friend recently about his lack of participation in the online world. He told me blogs are so narcissistic that he is sickened by them. Dramatic much?

After finally remembering the correct username/password combination into Rachael's blog, I finally caught up on the last six months of her posts. As I closed the window I felt the same way I feel when I leave a movie--like I've been transported temporarily into another world...given a temporary view into another life. I love that feeling.
(Although sometimes it leaves me convinced I'm a secret agent and I do things like check behind doors when I enter a room. [ok, ok, I'm not Jason Bourne, I get it.])

I've been in a bad mood recently. Not really a bad mood, just sort of a funk. I needed something...I decided I needed a break from me. I took myself to see Julie & Julia and left the theater completely refreshed. (However it left me with a longing to go back to France, to learn to cook, and to write more often!) (Can I just say that I loved that they had Julia Child in heels the entire movie regardless of her 6'2" stature? [yeah, i know Meryl Streep is only 5'6", blah blah])

So I appreciate all those who take the time to post regardless of how selfish/narcissistic their own reasons. I enjoy the break from my own life I get to have when I step temporarily into someone else's summer vacation, job promotion, hot date, boring work day.


Meridith said...

I love you, Sue! :D You're so awesome—you and your blog posts. ;)

Ashley said...

I also love your blog posts... It lets me keep tabs on you... wait a minute... I think I have been hanging out with you too much because that statement sounded a little stalkerish!!!! Forget I said anything!! LoL But seriously your posts are awesome!!

meagan said...

I feel exactly the same way! I love the little snippets of other people's lives whether they be funny, serious, ridiculous, or profound.

I do think there are blogs out there that sound very self-satisfied, but even those are enjoyable to me as I can smirk to myself (:

Also: your Twitter "journal" posts are awesome!

Amy said...

I have been away from the blogs for a few weeks and am catching up. It is nice to glimpse into the world of others, catch up with family happenings, or find out what others think about what is happening in our world.

Thanks for coming over with Ryan and hanging out with Austin while I was at Powell. We need to go see a movie again.

Rachael said...

apparently I am now only catching up on yours :)