Monday, September 28, 2009

laughing and a running, hey, hey, skipping and a jumping

in the misty morning fog with our hearts a'thumpin and you, my brown-eyed green/amber/brownish-eyed girl

When I was little my identity was based on two things: blonde hair and brown eyes. Whenever my sisters and I were given babydolls they matched us. Deborah had the brown hair and the green eyes. I had the blonde hair and the brown eyes. Meridith's dolls were bald and had blue eyes.

Everything I knew was based on me being the brown-eyed with the fair skin and the light hair.

That was when I was short, skinny, and blonde...and then I got older, hahaha

I've been in denial for years, but I've recently started LOVING my eyecolor. It is not green...but its not brown...its, uh, cool.

The colors are more interesting when the picture is clicked and made bigger.

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meagan said...

I love Van Morrison, and I always considered that to be my theme song, but I suffer from the same problem as you.

I've been told it's called "Hazel. a.k.a. 'Freakin' Hot'".

So, good for us...?