Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Aided by miniature fans of lashes

About a week and a half ago (August 21st) I randomly decided to go on a quick roadtrip. My friend Adam, who had just met me about 3 weeks prior, agreed to go with me only a few hours before we left. (Contrary to what my family thinks, I was not running away to avoid anything about Meridith's day or the family or anything. I wanted to drive to Vegas, a cute guy said he'd go with me, thats about it.)

We left late Friday night and got into Las Vegas really late. After spending time with some of my Vegas friends we headed on to Los Angeles. We went to Knott's Berry Farm with my friend Brady, who is living in LA for a little while. That night we drove back to Las Vegas. After some much needed sleep we drove back to Orem.

It was a really random, but really fun trip.

A few quotes:

Gas Station Guy- The bathrooms are closed, I repeat: the bathrooms are closed.

S- No one wants to hear about you wiggling the rose.

A- [in regard to roommates] I love men. They make me happy.

A- I feel like Helen Keller! [trying to find his glasses in the dark at 3 a.m., running into the table]

A- Can you imagine a world where everyone was like me? ... The world would not be as interesting if people were like everyone else.

A- If that ride is not running I will stand there and try to cry...poke myself in the eye.

S- You feel naked without your seatbelt?
A- Yeah, like leaving home without your fuzzy jockstrap.

A- I hope this isn't a bad neighborhood.
S- Maybe we should stop and ask someone.

S- It's brain damage on a stick.

S- Shaken baby!

B- I dare you to ask that guy if its real [referring to his diamond-esque stud earrings]
A- Are they real? Can I touch them?
S- I get that question all the time.

A- Is this my little Audi friend?

A- There goes a Porsche...there goes a Corvette...and a Mercury, trying to keep up.

A- I'm a guy. (or Because I'm a guy)

A- I'm a dude.

A- Its like a PSA.
S- Its like a PSA with a cowboy.
A- Every good PSA has a cowboy in it.

A- I like my name... first they gave me life then my name.
S- Its like a country song.
A- ...or the bible.

NPR- Aided by miniature fans of lashes

Lloyd & Sushi -- Us in monkey form

A: "This just sums up our entire trip."
S: "The monkeys do??"
A: "They're fun and random and kinda weird."

Determined to appear sullen in every picture -- but check out the rocking haircut by yours truly


The moment Brady realizes they're wearing very similar shorts.

Posing? Or caught midsentence?

The reason we decided to drive to Los Angeles: The Xcelerator, Adam's favorite ride.

Brady and I are exiting the ride when I realize Adam is not with us; I turn around to find out Adam's lap bar did not release and he is stuck on the ride, hahahahahaha

Because I knew I'd get all hot and sweaty while at Knott's I chose to not wear makeup that day...not a choice I agree with now.

"You're not getting the sign in the backround..."

"Get the camera...its our LA traffic jam." (at 10 pm!)

Soooooo ready to be out of traffic and back in Vegas for the night.

After 20 hours in the car with no CD player and only my talking to listen to, I think Adam was ready to be home by this point ;)

Utah County, Utah -- Home

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