Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"I really could have done without that third pelvic thrust" "No, that really made the dance what it is"

I love being with my little sister. We are very different in a lot of ways, but we have enough similarities to have tons of fun together. She does not have a reputation in the family for being funny, but oh boy...she is. She and I stay up way too late together just laughing at stupid things.

Meridith do you ever have that dream where you are so tired and you can't keep your eyes open and you're like, 'sorry, I am just so tired!
Susannah hahaha, no. Have you ever had the dream where you're just in booty shorts and a bra and someone comes to pick you up...
Meridith that wasn't a dream.
Susannah hahaha, i know, right? No, but you can't find any other clothes and so you just go with them and the whole time you're looking for clothing...
Meridith No, haha.
Susannah Hahaha, ok.

< Meridith pulls the legs of her shorts up, showing her thighs >
Meridith Mom says I have
Susannah White legs?
Meridith What?!
Susannah What? Hahahaha. At least I didn't say pastel or pasty or glow-in-the-dark.
Meridith Pastel?
Susannah Hahaha, yeah... you are pastel.
< Meridith pulls the fabric up again >
Meridith Mom says I have
Susannah Chicken legs?
Meridith Chicken legs? What kind of chicken has...hahahahaha
Susannah Freakish mutated chicken, hahahahahahahaaa
< Meridith falls to the floor laughing >
< Susannah wipes away the tears that are streaming down her cheeks >
< Meridith stands up again, pulling up the fabric of her shorts once again >
Meridith Mom says I have...uh...
Susannah I won't say it. I'll hold my tongue.
Meridith Mom says I have gymnast legs. Fat thighs
Susannah hahahahahahahahahahhhaaahahahahahahahahaha!
Meridith but its all muscle.
< Meridith comes closer, pointing to her thigh >
Susannah is that an invitation to poke it?
Meridith its all muscle
< Susannah pokes, its squishy >
Meridith NOT UP THERE!
Susannah hahahahahahahhhahahaha
< Susannah holds out her hand >
Susannah Come closer. Come closer. I just want to feel it. Come closer.
Meridith what are you doing? thats creepy.
< Meridith slowly comes closer >
< Susannah grabs a handful of the back of Meridiths thigh >
Meridith Aaaaaaaaaah!

Meridith See? I'm funny. Tell them.
Susannah Did you just point to my computer?
Meridith How else do you...
Susannah How else do I talk to anyone?
Meridith I didn't say that.
Susannah Wasn't it insinuated in your little pointing?

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