Saturday, April 11, 2009

chance of thin skin and hair loss

Oh lets see here...

Friday the 3rd:
* My big sister Deborah gets into town with her hubby and 3 sons.
* 4 of my 6 sisters, my mom, and I go to dinner at Olive Garden (after waiting 75 minutes in the foyer. kid you not.)

Saturday the 4th:
* I notice a scratchy throat...uh oh.

Saturday Night:
* I'm down for the count. Sick again.

Sunday the 5th:
* 101.4 fever
* I'm awake about 4 hours total. TOTAL.
* I can't recall a worse sore throat.

Monday the 6th:
* 104.2 fever at the crack of dawn. Dying.
* I sleep all day again.
* My big sister Elizabeth surprises us by driving up with her 3 kids.

Tuesday the 7th:
* More sleep all day.
* 102.4 fever
* I climb into bed for the night at 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday the 8th:
* Fever is back... 103.0
* I go to the doctor, a new guy, and he runs tests.
* I am diagnosed with a regular ol' virus (lame) which has become bronchitis because of my asthma (even lamer)
* I begin to feel a teeny bit better. I venture out to IKEA with Deborah.

Thursday the 9th:
* I do not wake up with a fever. HALLELUJAH!
* My big sister Elizabeth leaves back to Las Vegas :'(
* We pack into two cars and drive up to Idaho.

Friday the 10th:
* My little sister graduates from Brigham Young University-Idaho
* I do not have a fever, but am still coughing up my respiratory system. Thanks, bronchitis!

Saturday the 11th:
* I wake up coughing. Shocker.
* I have the worst earache I've had in years.
* I help my little sister pack up her belongings in the truck.
* We pick up my parents from their workshop.
* We finally head home. has been a long week.

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lisapants said...

I hope you feel better soon, and that you don't develop an ear infection. Those are miserable!!