Friday, January 09, 2009

A chortle and a sigh

Can a girl please get a courtesy chuckle?
Luanne puts a dollar in the vending machine. Needing only 75 cents to purchase her iced mocha blah blah the machine propels the drink to the glass bottle corral and throws a quarter out of its chute.
Luanne: It's spitting money at me! Holy cow, its just throwing money at me.
Susannah: That happens to me all the time...but its men, rather than machines
*chirp, chirp*
Susannah: Ah, come on...
Sara: Have you taken your written test yet?
Susannnah: Not yet, I take in on Tuesday.
Sara: Oh, you will do so well. You are so smart!
Susannah: Oh, uh, thanks.
Sara: I wish I had half of your brain.
Susannah: You're welcome to it; take half of the rest of me, as well.
*chirp, chirp*
Sara: Whatever. You're beautiful.
Hahaha, I make me laugh.

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