Saturday, November 22, 2008

You better hold on tight, Spidermonkey

Last night I saw "The Movie"...ya know, the one that is so talked about in my school that it no longer carries its true title.
I wasn't expecting much, I gotta say.  I enjoy the books, yes, but I had such a hard time getting into the first one that I thought the movie had to be as dragged out.
That sounds harsh...let me explain...
My history with the Twilight Saga:
* I saw Twilight in a bookstore and thought it had a gorgeous cover. (Ok, yeah, I totally judge a book by its cover. Sue me.)
* I knew Stephenie had had a book published, but I didn't know her last name, so I never made the connection.
* Months, maybe a year later I figured out that Stephenie's book was the very same pretty book I had admired.
* I started moving copies of Twilight from the Young Adult section to the Best Sellers...because I am easily amused and it made me chuckle.
* The second book, New Moon, came out.
* Tashina started freaking out that I NEEDED to read these books.
* I still didn't read them.
* I found out that my sisters-in-law owned and loooooved the books.
* I found out my baby sister, Meridith, was reading them.
* Stephenie said the third book, Eclipse, was coming out but that there would also be a fourth. Tashina freaked out I needed to read them. I said I wasn't going to read them until the entire saga was finished, so I wouldn't have to wait between books.
* I avoided reading any conversations about the books because I just wasn't that interested and if I did start reading them I didn't want a ton of spoilers.
* Tashina sent me dozens of pictures of Henry Cavill and told me all about how perfect he would be for the movie.
* I found out they were making a movie of the first book.
* I decided that I wanted to read the first book before the movie came out, so I asked Elizabeth if I could borrow hers. Then I asked Deborah. Both agreed, but I quickly forgot to actual get them.
* A few years went by between when I first saw a copy of Twilight and when I first opened one.
* In May I asked Meridith if I could take her copy of it with us on our cruise to Mexico.
* I read the first few pages over and over and over. I just COULD NOT get into this freaking book. I hated the 1st person narration. I found Bella whiny and annoying.
* In June Meridith mailed me her book and I started over.
* In July I got past the first few pages.
* I loved it.
* I got both Jackie and Ashley to read it, both of whom finished before me and I ended up borrowing books 2 and 3 from them.
* I bought book 4 a few days after it came out.
So that is how I found myself in the 3rd row of the darkened theater last night, sitting next to Ashley, making comments on Rob Pattinson's rocking pompadour and wisps of chest hair.
I liked The Movie and I'm absolutely going to see it again. Quite a few times.
Half way through The Movie Ashley turned to me and said, "When does this come out on DVD??" And I completely agree.
More Jacob, please!
The very last scene had to have been reshoots because holy honk, Rob's hair is GINORMOUS.
I didn't think I'd like Peter "Can't Hardly Wait" Facinelli as Carlisle; I was wrong.
The infamous meadow scene? Meh. Much better in the book.
Dang. I've become one of THEM.

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Sariah in Vancouver said...

Heehee, me too. I went opening night and liked it enough that we went again Saturday night.

I was disappointed in the "meadow scene" too. And I totally had hoped Henry Cavill was going to be Edward. Bummer. But the movie turned out pretty good still. I just wish they had spent more time showing Edward and Bella's relationship developing before they started professing their love for each other.