Saturday, November 15, 2008

The name is Bourne, James Bourne

There are a few things I have in common with my father, among them are:
* Collections of ginormous mugs of soda
* The shape of my calves, palms, and general facial appearance
* A love of going to a baseball game on a cool, sunny afternoon
* A love of explosion movies
I enjoy a good chickflick here and there, and I'm always up for a comedy, but there is something about explosion movies that I love.
Last night I went to Quantum of Solace with Ashley (Erwin was there, too, but he brought a date and didn't sit near us, hahahahahah[hahahahahaa]) and I was pretty much dancing in my seat.
I really really liked Casino Royale, and I was hoping for a bit more of that goodness, but I got Daniel Craig's version of Jason Bourne instead. :( Cool fight/chase scenes, yes. Explosions, yes. The witty writing...meh... The best part of Casino Royale is the interaction between Bond and Vesper, but Quantum of Solace doesn't have that. I found myself enjoying the CIA agent more than any of the other supporting characters, and he had very little screen time.

But I do really enjoy Daniel Craig as James Bond. He has that rough, aggressive side that gives Bond some of his credibility, but he is charming. I watched a bit of one of the Pierce Brosnan movies this week and hes just too schmarmy, unctuous. (Sean Connery was rawr and smooth and is the quintessential Bond.)

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Anonymous said...

MUGS: Amen
EXPLOSIONS: Not Amen. They stay.