Monday, November 10, 2008


"Slip under these blankets and I'll tuck this pillow under your knees."

Immediate relaxation.
I love getting facials.

Laying on that bed, with nothing to worry about except breathing through the warm steam cascading over my face.

My aesthetician had a great understanding of facial pressure points and gave me an amazing massage; very slow moving fingers, pausing to put pressure on those points. (Especially at the temples and between the eyes.)


She then gave me an algae mask, which smelled slightly weird, but my skin felt great for several days afterward.
I asked if I could keep the mask, hahaha, it is awesome to be able to see every facial feature imbedded in the hardened goo. (as well as the mascara no cleanser could fully remove, haha)

[written 10/21/08]

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Meridith said...

The mask picture keeps freaking me out every time I look at it.