Wednesday, October 08, 2008

C.A., you were, if I may say, amazing.

I am a great cook theory. I understand the basics of cooking, I know spices, and am an avid watcher of The Food Network. Basically I'm amazing.

My momma's kitchen is like a Food Network show kitchen, there is everything necessary to make any meal. Home making is kind of my momma's thing; I didn't know you could buy a MIX for a cake until I was about 7. I have always preferred making things from scratch. We joke that there is no food in my parents house, only ingredients and condiments.

Unlike my mom's kitchen, I am lacking most ingredients. Unless you're cooking pickle pinto bean ramen noodles.

Because I am absolutely broke (Real broke. The $26,300.00 in debt kind of broke.) I haven't been able to shop for real ingredients. So I was asking my sister Deborah (a food connoisseur) about some things and asked how in the honk you cook chicken thighs. I told her that I had tried to make one on a George Forman grill and that it was absolutely a pain and a half. She told me to throw it in a Crock Pot and holy crapola, Batman, she was right.

When I got home from school I had perfectly seasoned fall-off-the-bone chicken waiting for me. Again, I am amazing. I peeled off the skin and separated the chicken into little chunks. I made a cornstarch water mixture and poured in the seasoned chicken drippings, boiling that for a bit. A beautiful gravy. Then I made mashed potatoes. Ok, so they were dehydrated, blah blah blah. I poured in the hot water, I made them, dang it.

I am SO PROUD of my creation. It was all from things in my pantry (or, uh, freezer in the chickens case), and was not nuked. And it is not Ramen.

[click to enlarge and to make your mouth water because of the gravy goodness]


Deborah said...

Who's chopped spam now, baby? I told you that you would LOVE it!

Jerry said...

Susannah - yeah! those potatoes and chicken bits look amazing! Save some for me - Dad