Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The pen is mightier than the comb


Professions I've always been interested in pursuing.

I have been thinking about this list recently, wondering if I made a wrong choice with becoming a hairdresser. Although I know differently, it seems like the idiots choice. A cupcake profession. Froufrou and simple minded. Every day I sit in a class with some of the ditziest people I've ever come across, and it is so frustrating because I'm not dumb! I'm more intelligent than I come across because I'm not necessarily all that eloquent (and I'm a bit of a spaz...ok, quite a spaz.)

I have loved Earth sciences for as long as I can remember (I have a soft spot for metamorphic rock.) I've loved law since I got hooked on Perry Mason as a six-year-old. And I overdid every English writing assignment, turning them into the first few chapters of my latest novel.

I am pretty fond of one I wrote in 11th grade that was to be a thriller set upon the Titanic...random, yeah, I know. I was supposed to write a short story with a historical setting. I had a difficult time choosing between the Titanic and the Communist Hollywood blacklist of the 1950s...because I'm odd like that.

I've decided to start writing again. I've been motivated by my big brother, who has a few chapters of his stories and a few poems on his blog. He is an amazing writer and I wish he'd finish (and publish) a few of his stories, because I'm left hanging, wondering whats going to happen next... And I've been motivated by Stephenie Meyer. (Don't vomit, Sarah.)
I only knew of Twilight because it has such a pretty cover (the hands and the apple) and when I found out that Stephenie wrote that awesomely-covered book I got a little excited every time I saw it in a store. "Hey look, Stephenie's book is in Target! Lets move it from this obscure out-of-the-way place to the Bestsellers Rack, he he he." After Tashina got addicted to the first two she demanded I would have to read them because she'd mail her copies to me. I said I'd read them when the fourth and final came out. I started the series a few weeks ago and now I only need to get a copy of the last one, which was released recently. (I wasn't all that serious, though I do enjoy the fact that I don't have to wait years to find out what happens, unlike those who became fans early on. I started reading them because they were Stephenie's books; I kept reading because I enjoy them. [It is like I told to Sean Murray during a conversation about me liking him for his work (his opinion) or liking him for him (my opinion): I didn't start watching NCIS regularly because I loved the show; I started watching because Sean joined the cast. I kept watching because I loved the show.])
I haven't really gotten into any books since the Harry Potter series ended, and now that I've been carrying a book with me everywhere I go (especially written by someone so nice, who shares my love of Conan O'Brien) I've been motivated to start writing again.

I haven't written anything in about...four, five years? A handful of song lyrics here and there, but eh. I'm not creative enough to write songs about relationships/breakups when I don't have experience. Unless my new song is entitled "That Guy You Hung Out With A Few Times And Now Has You Blocked On Every IM Client"


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Question: Do you know Stephenie Meyer?

If so, I'm SO jealous! I LOVE her!

I think you did do it the smart way - I read them a few months ago and it was torture just waiting that short time for the final book. I can't imagine how hard it was for everyone who got hooked back when the first book or two came out!

But back to the beginning of your post... I think you're definitely smart and I think when it comes to careers and such, you really need to follow your heart and the promptings you get. This is clearly something you are good at and enjoy. I think it's great that you are pursuing it. :)

Ashley said...

I think you should become an archaeologist... hehe because that is the world's most awesomest profession lol!!! Or maybe Im just biased!!!