Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you a good mover?

This week I've gotten to play boyfriend, and it ROCKS. Because Jayar is out of town I have been spending my evenings with my big (shorter) sister. I leave school at 10, get to her house around 10:30, we chat for a bit before flipping through channels...this is where Elizabeth assumes the position and settles into the couch with her eyelids shut tight. I catch up on the episodes I've missed (thank heavens for DVR) and soon Elizabeth jolts awake, mutters apologizes for going to sleep, and heads upstairs to her room. I dork around for a few more hours (did I mention I love DVR?) until I start to succumb to the powers of the magic couch. Then I stumble up the stairs into the guest room, with only my cell phone to light the way.

I love it, but I'm probably really annoying for her with my late nights and my sleeping in and whatnot (Elizabeth would never say that. ever. Family is always family and never an "inconvenience.") I love having my big sister to talk to at the end of the day, listening to my random babble about why I'm fed up with my job and why I love my instructor; and hearing her day about the errands she ran and what new project she spray-painted.

But her hubby will be back tomorrow. :(

Elizabeth: "Guess who is Lance Bass's partner on Dancing With The Stars."
Susannah: "Louis Van Amstel."
Elizabeth: "No."
Susannah: "But that would be funny, huh?"
Elizabeth: "Yeah. Guess again."
Susannah: "Julianne Hough?"
Elizabeth: "No. Guess who."
Susannah: "Your mom?"
Elizabeth: "Lacey Schwimmer."
Susannah: "Yay yay oh yay! I love Lacey!"
Elizabeth: "They added a 4th judge."
Susannah: "Oh really?"
Elizabeth: "Huh...she's 82, wow."

[ten minutes later]

Susannah: "Hey, American Idol is adding a 4th judge!"
Elizabeth: "I just told you that."
Susannah: "You just said 'they', I thought you still meant Dancing With The Stars."


[the new American Idol judge is shown on TV]
Susannah: "DUDE, I thought she was some old lady!"
Elizabeth: "What?"
Susannah: "The new 4th judge! You switched from Dancing With The Stars to American Idol back to Dancing With The Stars!"
Elizabeth: "Yeah, I did."
Susannah: "Here I was thinking the new judge is an old lady and you were talking about that lady {Cloris Leachman}!"
Elizabeth: "Can't you listen to what I'm saying in my head?"
Susannah: "Usually."

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