Friday, July 11, 2008

Wishin' and hopin'

My birthday is in two weeks from today, eek, that year went by very quickly. I will be turning 24-years-old, and solidifying my status as spinster should I return to the Happy Valley.

My little sister Meridith asked me to create a wishlist, so I am doing what I can to oblige...


* Humidifier

A humidifier like my Momma has. I don't know what brand it is, but it is the kind that puffs out the little white cloud of cold weird smelling steam. I loooved this thing when I was sick in bed one day in the late 90s. I set it up on my windowsill and had the little cloud streaming right on my face while I sucked cough drops and read Nancy Drew books.

* Rug

A large bright red rug to put under my table in the kitchen. Something to tie together my colors of red and black between the kitchen and the living room.

* Mononucleosis and a fat cell

I love these. Clarke gave me the common cold and sore throat a few years ago.

* Modem

I need a USB external modem so I can get the Mini online.

From previous wishlists

(images linked directly to their ordering page)

The Office season 2

The Office season 3

Perry Mason season 1 volume 1
(I have season 1 volume 2)

Perry Mason season 2 volume 1

Monk season 1

Monk season 2

Monk season 3

Monk season 4

Monk season 5

House season 1

House season 2

House season 3

Arrested Devlopment seasons 2 & 3
(I have season 1)

CSI Vegas, NY, or Miami any season
(I have CSI:NY season 2)




Catch Phrase


Phase Ten

Chocolate Fountain


Meridith said...

I don't remember telling you to make a wish list. hahaha

Susannah said...

"When you can balance a tack hammer on your head you can head off your foes with a balanced attack."

"And why am I wearing the watermelon on my feet?"

"I don't remember telling you to do that"

Meridith! We were on the phone while I was driving home from school! (Or I may have been in the grocery store by that point.) You called me 24 and I told you not to age me, I am still 23. Then we got to talking about it and you told me to make a wishlist. I wasn't going to do it this year, until you said that! Sheesh, hahaha.