Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I have learned in the past few days...

* Ryan constantly refers to himself as "Daddy." Oh my heavens. "Daddy needs something to eat."
* Absolutely nothing beats an out-of-tune power ballad between Celine Dion, Ryan, and myself.
* (Zack is a good sport.)
* I found the point at which giggling leaves me out of breath. My giggle stopping point, as it were.
* I alternate between "Ry" and "RYAN STEVEN!" ...there is very little middle ground.
* I am incredibly annoying ("obnoxious, but funny", says Ryan) when you're tired and I'm not.
* The sign on Little Darlings (a strip club near the freeway) says "Hundreds of beautiful women and three ugly ones" HAHAHA
* I almost have to be dragged out of places I would like to be longer (ie: the swimming pool, Jackie's house, etc)
* Sugarland's "All I wanna do (oooo oooooo ooooo ooooo)" does not get old, but does get stuck in my head quickly.
* I found the button that launches Zacky from zero to TICKED OFF in 0.25 seconds.
* Ryan just isn't geeky enough for me in some aspects. DUDE, he hated that Zack and I made him watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail! But he was willing to watch X-Files with us. :D
* McDonalds Sausage Biscuit turns an otherwise ornery Ryan into a beaming, ready-for-anything Ryan.
* When faced with Las Vegas's largest buffet I will inevitably end up with a plate of potatoes in various forms.
* I am a Floor Sitter. (Ry: "Susannah, you're a floor sitter!" Me: "Uh...thanks?" Ry: "I just never realized it.")

Zack and Ryan drove down on Thursday night and drove back up on Monday afternoon. :( It was a very fun weekend, and I wish it could've lasted longer.

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