Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thats the fun part

My coworker/friend Jackie came down to the salon the other night and said I could do ANYTHING I WANT. Oh, such freedom. I chose to dye her hair a fun red and then chopped it up and added bangs. I love that she was so willing to let me just play with it, haha.


Jax said...

It's Jackie. Yes.. I stalked you (or googled.. whatever) to find your blog. Anyway... I just thought that I should tell you that girl is super cute. And her hair is absolutely amazing. I've gotten all great comments. I'll tell you more at work. :D

Susannah said...

I loooove that you stalked me, Jackie! (even though, uh, my first and last name and .com would have brought you here ;) )

I am all for non-creepy stalkers.

I'm really glad you like your hair; as I was cutting off huge chunks I was worried you'd hate me/it. hahaha