Sunday, June 15, 2008

"I'm just sitting here eating my candy, and Caroline is looking at me like I just gave birth." -Abby

Aw crap, back to reality. While I was telling someone about my cruise they asked if I was close to any of my siblings, or if the vacation was awkward, hahaha. It threw me for a second because of course it wasn't awkward! But I realize I'm spoiled by having so many siblings and it being totally normal to hang out with any of them.

My updates are going to have to come in chunks, as I have once again overloaded my scratch disk with thousands and thousands of images. Oops. So until I can offload some of my data everything will run painfully slow.

Sunday, June 1st - Long Beach, California

I slept in as long as possible, which only turned out to be about six hours total (dang staying up late!) After packing everything back up (it's amazing how it can spread after only one day) I asked the girls-Care and Abby-to look around the room with me and check for things I may have missed, we found none.

Dad loaded all of our luggage into the back of the truck and we set off for the boat. Dad handed over the video camera while we were on the freeway and I took over the job of documenting our vacation.
We pulled ino the parking lo, pulled the luggage out of the back, and an attendant whisked it away immediately!
We checked in at the couters, much like an airport. We went through security and then boarded the cruise ship WAHOOOO!

We took a few pictures in the grand lobby before heading down to our staterooms. They were still being prepared so we sat on the satirs for a few minutes. We soon got to check out our new home for the week--Smallish, but very fun. We had a queen size bed as well as hidden bunkbeds (one from the couch and one from the ceiling, totally rad.) There were two separate bathrooms, one with the toilet and one with a shower, which came in handy often as they both had a sink and mirror.

After settling in we all headed up to the afternoon buffet (of course.) Corn dogs, salads, sandwiches, mac & cheese, all recognizable foods (that would change, haha) as well as a dessert buffet with amazing fruit tarts.

Now that we'd set the tone for the trip (overly full?) we headed back up to the 9th deck for the Bon Voyage party. They handed out streamers to everyone, which was cute. Loud music, lots of dancing, and suddenly we were moving. I stood near the railing on the top deck with Clarke, Aliesha, and the girls, and watched as we pulled away from California and headed out to sea.

After relaxing for a bit we headed up to dinner. We were originally assigned the 8:30 dinner, I believe, but that would be an insane time for all the babies, so it was finagled up to 5:30.

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