Monday, June 30, 2008

Caroline, Emma Kate, Susannah, and Ezra

I have never been super close to my aunts and uncles so I wasn't really sure what role I played in someones life as their aunt when my first nephew, Brayden, was born in 1996. (I was 11-years-old, haha)

I have 14[.75] nieces and nephews now, and as each one gets older our relationship changes. When Brayden was tiny we would play with balls and cars and such. As he and his brother Camden (less than 2 years younger) grew up a bit we would take then out to the movies and create snack bags to bring along. Now they are pre-teens. Eek. I don't think I've actually played with Brayden in like five years.

I still don't know exactly what an Aunt(ie) is supposed to do, so I have taken it upon myself to create a relationship with each of them. I consider my nieces and nephews among my best friends. I love to take them places with me and to have "dates" with them. I wish I lived close enough to all of them that I could spend more time with them. A year and a half ago I got to take Alexa and Brooklyn Christmas shopping with me, hahaha. That is not a combination I get often, and we had a blast.

With each birth comes a new friend, which sounds completely weird written out, haha, but it makes sense in my head. I only got to see Sophia a handful of times between her birth and this last summer, but I always had this feeling of "I don't know her, but I love her." Haha.

I've been thinking about this because I got a present for my new niece today. Scarlett Deborah is not due until September (although Elizabeth and I think she should be born on 8/28/2008), but I'm very excited for her arrival.


April n' John said...

Who is pregnant?

Susannah said...

That would be Deborah. Hyrum will be 4 this year, Ezra just turned 1, and Scarlett is due soon. :D

April n' John said...

O my well congrats to Deborah!