Friday, June 27, 2008

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test

Ok, lessee here...where did I leave off?

After the Bon Voyage party I was holding Emma Kate's hand and we looked around and didn't see any of her family, so I told Meridith that if she saw Elizabeth to tell her I had her daughter.
Emma and I first walked around the photography and art area on Deck 4 before heading outside. Other than two crew members, we had the entire area to ourselves. We looked over the side, at the frothy water and the large waves we were creating in our wake. Then I took a bunch of pictures of Emma Kate sitting with a uh...those life preserver ring thingys that have the name of the boat on them. Then I sat with her and tried to get a good picture of the both of us with the ocean in the backround. One of the crew members walking by offered to take the picture. (Which I would post here, but Meridith has it. hint, hint. [HINT.] [Although I am very appreciative of her letting me offload on her laptop when my memory was full.])

Then we went back down to our staterooms, where I think everyone was kind of annoyed at me taking Emma without telling anyone. (Though I did tell Meridith! And couldn't find anyone else!) We had to get cleaned up for dinner, so everyone left before us. Dinner was at Lumiere's, the French dining room based on Beauty and the Beast's candelabra, complete with a rose motif and a single red [glass] rose in its rounded case as a part of a chandelier.
We walked in a few minutes late, so we saw our family already seated at three separate tables in the same are of the restaurant. I had a small table with Meridith, Abigail, and Caroline. Before I had time to settle in and take in everything that was going on, our server Rexson was there with a menu and introductions. I am not really a fan of French food, or maybe just not knowing what the honk is in the food because the names are all funky French names. (Oh heavens, I had the hardest time every single day in France. I think I cried at every dinner, haha.) So I went with what I later found out was the only part of the menu that stays the same, the lighter stuff, I guess. Menu for Wimps, basically. I ordered a steak and a baked potato.

Clarke, Aliesha, and their girls hadn't arrived yet and I heard my dad asking one of the servers about where their table was, as he didn't see any empty ones (something like that.) It was pointed out that the table near ours, the one with the random lady and the guy, and their child, and four empty seats, was where Clarke's family was to be seated.
I told Meridith it didn't make sense to have them seated with strangers when we could just switch with the random couple. She agreed. Now, I am definitely not one to randomly talk to strangers. Ever. But I didn't want my brother's family to have to sit with strangers when they didn't have to. So I stood up. Right then Clarke, Aliesha, and the girls walked in. I walked over to the lady, who was deep in conversation with her husband. I went to reach for her arm, to get her attention, decided against it, and in pulling my arm back KNOCKED HER DRINK OVER ONTO HER LAP. Hello world, I am Susannah, and if I can make an awkward situation any more awkward you can bet your sweet bippy I'll do my best.

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