Friday, May 23, 2008

the swamps of home

How do you spell out a large sigh of relief?
There is something comforting in being near people who've known you your entire life.

Prior to my move to Vegas, and other than my stint in an apartment in Provo, I've lived in the same section of Orem, Utah all my life. I went to elementary, junior high, and high school with the same general group of people. I've had the same core group of friends forever.

I've gone through so many attitude, personality, and physical changes with these people. I was the shy, sweet, blonde toddler who thought riding my Big Wheel around the cul-de-sac was quality entertainment. I was the long limbed, buck-toothed (teethed? haha) dirty blonde child who picked a fight with friends over anything that didn't go her way. I was the awkwardly tall, loud, buxom brunette with a penchant for being brash. I was the nervous, full figured, acne ridden brunette who made friends with adults easier than teenagers. I am the goofy, giggly, self-confident blonde who is wearing a green shirt, a fuchsia jacket, dark blue jeans, and turquoise shoes and thinks they look great together, hahaha.

Yesterday I ran into Amy's parents and older sister at a restaurant. I've known Amy and her family since I was 5. Today I ran into my neighbor, Pam, at the mall; I've known her since I was about 11. I spent all afternoon with Emily, whom I've known since kindergarten.
It's nice to be with people who know me: all of the versions of me. And are genuinely interested in my goings on.

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