Friday, April 11, 2008

"It's like going to Idaho and eating carrots."

I'm having fun. I'm just kind of happy right now. Work is going well and I completely love working alone. Now that I have powers and the such, I'm comfortable with what I'm doing.

That whole 'cutting back hours' thing hasn't really happened. In fact, I've worked every single day this week, and almost all of last week. I'm hoping that continues, because I'm practically out of money as it is.

I have never liked any of my instructors at school. I mean, whatever. They're fine. They're good at what they do, but not good teachers of it. But, DUDE, I got a new instructor a few weeks back. Jamie had been our substitute on several occasions, and each time I asked her if she would please stay, haha. She is fair with everyone (a new concept), is friendly but holds her ground, is hilarious, and is a great teacher! Plus she's from Vernal, Utah, hahaha. I really like when she pulls her desk right up to our tables, rather than staying far at the front of the room. Rather than just reading the chapters, as we've done in every other class I've been in, we discuss the chapters. It's great. I look forward to going to class.

I've really been trying to be myself around people. Hahaha. For the past year and a half I rarely spoke in class. Like, ever. Now I'm just normal. Its so much easier/nicer now that my instructor doesn't say, "You're so weird, Susannah" anytime I say something. Ugh. But I have kind of freaked Jamie out a bit because I'm a little too TMI nowadays, hahahaha.

I've noticed that the other girls talk to me now; they never really did before. I was just kind of there. But now I'm actually in conversations with them all the time. It helps that two of them are from St. George, so they and Jamie and I all sit around having random Utah conversations. Hahaha. (Jamie used to be LDS, as well as one of the girls. The other girl and I are the only active ones.)

Although I don't think they quite know me yet because the other day we were talking about professional development and we were discussing nervous habits and Jamie asked us each one of our habits. I really hate the go-around-the-room,-everyone-speaks things. I said, "I guess my giggle." They were all dumbfounded. Jamie said, "You giggle?" Oh man. I replied, "Um, yeah...nearly nonstop. Usually at inappropriate times."

Amela came into the salon yesterday. I gave her more highlights on top then sliced in dark brown, red, and pink in panels around the back underside. I wish I'd brought my camera with me. She kept pointing out to me how I was giggling while I was checking her highlights, haha. I was making her nervous, oops. Hahahahaha.

Recently I've been getting a lot of comments about how I exude confidence. Hahahaha. One woman said the way I carry my purse shows her how much confidence I have, haha. I've never really thought of myself as some freakishly confident person. I mean, I haven't shyed away from it in a while, I've gotten a lot better about that. I'm not afraid to wear red or funky lip colors or rock bright pink hair. (Or wear shoes that leave me towering over everyone.) So I guess, yeah...

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