Sunday, April 06, 2008

"It's colorful. It really brings out the nastiness." -Geof

I love the rare days I get to hang out with my family for hours.

Yesterday as I was getting off work my cell phone rang. It was Elizabeth! She asked if I wanted to go to a movie. Well, duh. So she picked me up from work and we hit the theater. Woohoo! We wanted to see 21 or Leatherheads, but both of those didn't start for a while, so we got tickets to Nim's Island.

It was darling, I laughed so hard (which really isn't a shocker for me.) Gerard Butler, who is my boyfriend, plays the dad to Abigail Breslin's character. Here is my problem (and yeah, it's only one because HELLO! it's Gerry Butler): He is Scottish. Which is rawr in itself, but it does not bode well for playing an American accent. He just can't quite pull it off. If he weren't so fun to watch his voice would be grating. Harsh? A tad. Thank heavens his other character in the movie (a figment of the imaginations of Abigails and Jodie Fosters characters) has his home grown accent.

Jodie Foster plays an agorophobic author. She has never been my favorite actress, but I really enjoyed her in this. :)

After the movie we went to Old Navy, where I have not been in FOREVER. By the way, Old Navy has discontinued their plus size line in the retail stores. It is exclusively online, now. Ok, so that annoys me. They have everything else they carry-childrens, mens, womens, maternity, accessories, etc. Everything but the chunky girl sizes. EVERYTHING BUT. Not really a big deal, but annoying nonetheless. Its not like I think they have to supply the dang thing. But they DO. Thats the thing! They supply it, but only online.!

They had all their swimsuits out, which reminded me how much I want to get ready for my cruise that is coming so soon. So I was perusing the suits and realized that unless I want a gold string bikini in a size 00, I wasn't going to find it there.
And then Elizabeth pulled out one she saw. Oooooooo. It was a return from an online purchase. I want it. It has underwire, which you almost never find in a cute suit. Halter necklines make me look like even more of a linebacker, I completely realize, but I love them.

My problem is that it costs $50, which I definitely do not have. Ugh.

Elizabeth and I watched the new CSI and CSI:Miami. I was horribly let down. I was SO PUMPED for the return of CSI. And yet I found myself so bored during the entire thing. :(
Deborah and Aaron and their two darling litte boys came down to Vegas for the day. LOVED IT. It's so fun to have them down here, even when it's only one day a month, or so. Ezra is getting so big. He is very personable and snuggly. SO CUTE.

"Potato guns don't kill people." -Man behind the camera
"Potatoes kill people." -Geof


AdamOndi said...

I feel your pain. Even in men's sizes, they stop at a certain threshold. Which, of course, is one size too small for me. I remember shopping for jeans at an Old Navy store, and asking if they had any jeans with a 46 waist, since the biggest I could find on their shelf was a 44.

"We don't have sizes that big in the store. You have to get those online."

Wow. Just wow.

petullant said...

Yeah, someone asked me once if I had gotten my shirt at Banana Republic and I just guffawed. Like BR carries clothes in my size!

Oh man - that swimsuit is cute! And the shirring. For the love that shirring would help try in the great "Tummy Masking Effort of 2008" even if no one else is buying my efforts. Unfortunately, I think I am now doomed to swimsuits which cover my thighs. No great efforts can mask those beasts.