Monday, March 24, 2008

What were you thinking?

I love playing games with my siblings. They are all wet your pants funny, so you never escape the evening without crying from laughter.

About a month ago Elizabeths family and I went up to Deborah's house to see Clarke and Aliesha. After dinner we said goodbye to Clarke and Aliesha, then we pulled out the games. I hadn't played "What Were You Thinking?" in a long time, so I requested that one.

The point of the game is similar yet completely opposite from Scattergories. You are given a subject, for instance "Name 5 things that come to mind when you think of bubbles." You write down your answers, trying to come up with things the other people in the game would think of. Then you hear everyones answers and get points for the matching ones. Sometimes you have to figure out if two answers are similar enough to be counted as the same thing. If noone else has your answer it is only worth one point. For the bubble example I wrote "bath, gum, wand, soap, carbonation" and got 13 points that round.

While handing out our answer sheets Shake n Bake handed me an extra sheet of paper, and suggested I write some of the funny things said. Perfect!

Round= Bubbles
Elizabeth: "Did anyone put shiny?"
Aaron: "I almost put rainbows."
Susannah: "Which would've been different."
Round= Bubbles
Aaron: "I put 'ponies and unicorns.'"
Elizabeth: "What in the honk?"
Elizabeth: "You hear macking in the dark then you hear Mom say, 'Wait til I get you home.' UGH, It's engrained in my head!"
Round= Sylvester Stalone
Susannah: "Yeah, mine are pretty much all one-pointers."
Aaron: "Makes me feel a bit better."
Susannah: "Mine made sense, Unicorn Boy."
Aaron: "Unicorns and ponies."
Deborah: "The phone goes green green, I pink it up and say yellow!"
Deborah: "Susannah is black. Thats appropriate as the black sheep of the family."
Elizabeth: "I think she'd be the hot pink sheep of the family."
Deborah: "With great hair."
Aaron: "And high heels."
Round= 4th of July
Susannah: "Noone put FLAG for freaking 4th of July?!"
Aaron: "I put patriotism."
Jayar: "I put independence."
Deborah: "I put hot dog."
Round= Donuts
Jayar: "I put Dad."
Aaron: "I did, too."
Elizabeth: "Did you put diabetic coma? or Dead at 59?"
Aaron: "Oh, I know! I'm gonna write it..."
Elizabeth: "He's gonna put fairies and pixies and stuff."
Aaron: "Are you making fun of my answers?"
Elizabeth: "I think it stands for itself."

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Sariah in Vancouver said...

I think I've played this game before - or one just like it - at my sister's house. It was lots of fun!