Monday, March 17, 2008

Skank alert

I was slow getting into that newfangled nonsense called a cell phone. I used to laugh at how obsessed people became with their ringtones. Oh heavens, the ringtone. Changing the generic mass ring to something that reflects you a bit. But then again, chances are quite a few other people still have your "unique" ring.
If I hear one more phone ring out the song line "It's too late to apologize" I may scream a girly high scream. I hear it upwards of six times a day, just from working in a retail store.

But last fall Elizabeth showed me a website one of her piano students had showed her. And we spent hours playing various rings and crying from laughter. And I quickly became one of those people obsessed with their ringtones.

When I call myself from my house number I have the Lost Phone Ring:
"Yo, yo, yo, I'm over here. Yo, here. Come and get me. I'm over here, man." (I can't find it online right now)

My usual ring is Stalker:

When my dad calls I hear Darth Vader saying "I am your father":

When my brother Clarke calls I hear the Mario Bros. Theme:

When Elizabeth calls from her cell phone I hear the Skank Alert:

When Jayar calls from his cell phone I hear This is Sparta! from 300:
(but it does not have the "this is madness" beginning)

I used to have Homer Simpson saying "That creepy weird guy is calling...oh wait, it's your dad!" but I messed up when I set it, so it got preempted by Darth Vader. Oh, and it doesn't have the Imperial March after it, just the one line.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

That is hilarious! But the Vader link didn't work for me, it took me to the stalker ring again. Still... very funny!

Susannah said...

Sorry! I fixed it now. :)