Monday, March 31, 2008

One short day in the Emerald City

My sweet little niece, Caroline, is sleeping over tonight. She is lying on my bed, listening to my iPod, and singing along to the Wicked soundtrack. It is darling.
I had to study for a test I'm taking tomorrow, so Care read the chapter in my textbook while I made us a fancy schmancy dinner of Hamburger Helper (stroganoff flavor with lean ground turkey rather than hamburger.) She did really well! She read better than a lot of the girls in my class do, hahaha. I think the only word that tripped her up was glycerolmonothioglycolate.

She actually helped me a lot. I realized I was catching details better while she read it to me rather than reading it for myself. And she helped me come up with silly ways of remembering things. Like the difference between endothermic and exothermic; one requires heat while the other is self-heating. "They put her 'endo' the dryer." "They put an ex-o on the dryer."

Tuesday night Caroline's little sister, Emma Kate, is sleeping over. They are both off track from school and I have a few days off of work this week. So we are partying.

I'm excited for the cruise in 9 weeks because I will get to spend time with my other nieces, whom I haven't seen since Christmas. I loved the cute voicemail I got from Alexa yesterday. ...Ok, all it said was "She didn't answer", while handing the phone back to her parents, I assume. But I loved it.

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