Monday, March 10, 2008

Not Found

Susannah: "I'm on the Blue Bunny website, trying to locate the Take 5 flavor in a store nearby. Dang it! not found."
Elizabeth: "Wal-Mart by far has the largest ice cream selection."
Susannah: "But I want Take 5! I'm making it a 100 miles search. DANG IT! Not found."
Elizabeth: "Maybe it is a limited edition and it is all limited out?"
Susannah: "It IS a limited edition."
Elizabeth: "Limited edition means it has to end."
Susannah: "BUT IT SHOULDN'T!"
Elizabeth: "...o...k."


Elizabeth: "This Daylight Savings thing has me so messed up."
Her Student: "Yeah, I was really tired when I got up."
Elizabeth: "Yeah, and it's been like WEIRD all day; like I feel like it should be Noon and it's 3!"
Susannah, in another room: "Hahaha."
Elizabeth: "I know, that didn't make any sense. Thats my little sister laughing at me."
Her Student: "She laughs like me."
Elizabeth: "But she laughs all the time. And she has really good ears, so she can hear you talking about her even from another room. Isn't that right?"
Susannah, in another room: "...possibly."
Elizabeth: "We call her Bionic Ears. Even if you're in a different room or a different floor you have to whisper."
Susannah, in another room: "Only if you're talking about me. If not, I can't hear a thing."

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