Sunday, February 10, 2008

"That's funny 'cause your mom just called and said that you were latin for 'statim.'" - Meridith

My sisters make me laugh.

Yesterday Elizabeth's dinner was a plate of cooked baby carrots.

Susannah: "Why do you cut them in half like that?"
Elizabeth: "Uh...It makes it seem more like a meal."
Susannah: "Bwahahaha!"

(Aw, Mer, I was just having fun with you. I think you're funny. But you don't deserve to be publicly...displayed against your will. DELETED!)

I organized my scrapbook/crafty stuff. :D I now have this little work table, which I quite enjoy:


Meridith said...

Yeah.... so, there are some things that you say from one sister to another merely in jest that you would not like to be repeated for other eyes to see.

You owe me.

Meridith said...

I know, and my comment was not meant to be harsh in any way.

I don't mind you tellin' other sisters (as I know you have already), because then they don't know if you made it up or not. When it's written down, it's hard to contradict.