Saturday, January 12, 2008

Queen Sized

Susannah: "Oh my gosh--I want one of each of these. And I'd still be hungry."
Elizabeth: "You're hormonal."
Susannah: "I know, and it sucks; I haven't been full in two days!"

I love a chunky girl Lifetime movie as much as the next person, but come on.
"Just look at those thighs; I bet they don't chafe when she runs."

During once scene Nikki Blonsky's character, Meg, has seen the new posters for her runningmate vying for the title of Homecoming Queen. She runs through the front door, throws open the refrigerator door, flings out all of the Healthy Choice boxes (labeled "Healthy Selection") onto the kitchen floor, and grabs the half-gallon tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream. She is near hyperventilation as she shovels the ice cream in her mouth. Oh my heavens.

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