Thursday, January 31, 2008

My boss has been on my case since I changed my greeting from Can I help you? to Like what you see? -Still Standing

I really don't talk to my friends on the phone. Like, ever. Because my house is a vortex of cell phone coverage. And because Zack lives with his parents and his dads name is Zack too and I HATE THAT because then its like, "Hey, is Zack there?" "Which one?' "Ummm...little Zacky?" Yeah, so anyway...we IM a lot. Which usually turns out a lot funnier than phonecalls anyway.

Zack: He wants...a Winnebago
Susie: Be a beacon.

The Honeyman: I'm really thinking about it [going to school in Las Vegas.]
The Susannah: That's really awesome, Ryan.
The Honeyman: You used my real name.
The Susannah: Haha, I know! I had something else, but I changed it.

Honeyman: [On Oprah] The dog is going to walk up stairs balancing a glass of water on her nose.
Susannah: That is a skill the dog and I share.
Honeyman: Hahahahaha.

Susannah: Did you know there are SIX (6) servings in a can of Pringles. Who takes out 1/6th of the can, and puts the rest away?!
Honeyman: I always finish the entire can
Susannah: That is 900 calories.
Susannah: Three cans of Pringles and you gain over one pound of fat.
Susannah: Oh my. I hate Pringles now.
Honeyman: hahahaha.

Susannah: This guy on the news just said, "Like they say, 'you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip.'" Hahaha, who says that? [According to Google, a whole ton of people.]
Honeyman: I really don't know
Susannah: That, my friend, is FUNNY
Honeyman: You, my friend, think you are funny
Susannah: hahahaha, SO TRUE!

Susannah: I'm in love with this picture of me. And give you permission to send it to your tall attractive male friends when speaking about me ...which should be often.
Tashina: hahaha, K.

Susannah: I am watching Craig Ferguson and theres a stand up comedian on and there is ONE CHICK who is apparently EATING A MICROPHONE in the audience. You hear her above everyone else. And she has an horribly obnoxious laugh.
Tashina: hahahahahahahahahah
Tashina: okay, i'm going to bed
Susannah: No, wait! I'm trying to type out something...
Susannah: "Women ask questions that confuse me. I asked this one woman if she'd like to have dinner sometime. She asked, 'You mean, like, as friends?' Nah, as detectives. I thought we'd get a bite to eat and hit the crime lab. Do you know anything about forensics? Can you character sketch? No? Ok, better go as friends." -stand up comedian on Craig Ferguson
Tashina: hahahahahaha
Susannah: Ok, now you can go to bed. Hahaha.
Tashina: hahaha

Susannah: I love Josh Turner's voice better than George Strait's...I know, shoot me.
Honeyman: you should probably watch your back. The country mafia is going to hunt you down
Susannah: I had the bag a few minutes ago and it has disappeared
Honeyman: hahaha
Susannah: Phew! I found it. Wanna guess where? Guess where.
Honeyman: in your underwear drawer?
Susannah: Close. In my bathroom sink. Hahahahaha
Honeyman: hahahaha.

Honeyman: You are terrible. I amelling you mom
Susannah: You're smelling my mom?
Honeyman: Telling. telling.
Susannah: Imagine me laughing REALLY HARD, REALLY LOUDLY.
Susannah: That's me right now.

Tashina: Care to help me find a jewelery box?
Susannah: We have such different tastes, chica
Tashina: Eh
Susannah: You'd want something delicate and funky and wooden with elephants and I'm like IS THAT REALLY A JEWELRY BOX IN THE SHAPE OF LIPS?!
Tashina: LOL

Zack: I'm gonna go now, if that's ok with you.
Susie: Thats not OK, but I have learned I have very little control over you.
Zack: lol, alright

Tashina: that's what i need
Tashina: forget a jewelery box, i need a whole freakin' chest
Susannah: The Ultimate Jewelry Organizer
Tashina: and i needs it
Susannah: Seriously, Gollum, you should just buy it already. Its precious.
Tashina: hahaha

Susannah: Wolfgang Puck is serving macaroni and cheese at the Oscars. This alone is why I need to be a celebrity.
Tashina: hahahahaha
Susannah: Ruben Studdard lost 100 pounds. If a no-hit wonder can do it, so can I.
Tashina: There you go

Susannah: Anyway. I'd be an awesome paparazzo.
Tashina: Probably

(Sarah! Meebo closed and I lost our IM! and that saddens me.)

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Sarah said...

Meebo saves your conversations in the conversation log. But I can't exactly remember which conversation of ours you're talking about.