Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"I thought in polite society one is invited to high tea when one is stabbed."

I don't have many choices of time wasters when I can't sleep. I can't go anywhere, because A) I don't have much gas in George B) I don't have any money to put gas in George or to spend C) I'm scantily clad, and too lazy to change.

So I end up dinking around for hours. In the past three hours I've watched Law & Order: CI, talked to The Honeyman for a while, edited my bookmarks, messed with pictures in Photoshop, blogstalked people I knew in high school, emailed My Best Friend Sarah, read funny online job postings, and a lot of other things that I can't even remember...

The time goes so fast and I wonder what the heck did I do for all that time?! Hmmmm...shall we keep track?
2:36) I had about nine windows open when my browser unexpectedly quit (ugh), so now I only have three open.

2:40) I've flipped the channel to some Christian show. It's entertaining, and I'm not just talking about the horrible haircuts these women are sporting. We are learning to "dialogue." Not to respond with arguments, but rather to add comments that integrate the conversation. That's what she said, I swear. There is also a short infommercial on "The Bible on DVD", which is just an image of a book; like you are reading a book, but it is intangible. Ooo, with Bonus Material of a tour of Israel, I believe. "It's great for Youth Groups"--and shows a group of YSAs all relaxing around a room, like they're having a giant slumber party and it's movie time! HA!

2:45) Eh, that got boring. I changed it to One on One; Jenny McCarthy and Smokey Robinson are guest starring. "The peroxide business needs you to stay in business; like your ends, I'm going to split." Hahaha!

3:02) Sometimes I love the Missed Connections on Craigslist, hahaha. This guy was in the white Chevy at Vons; you were in a silver Chrysler; he can't forget your look and wants you to email him. Hahaha.
What would a Missed Connection for me say? "Blonde at Summerlin movie theater parking lot-- you were singing to the radio and fell out of your car when you tripped on your heels." Hahaha!

3:17) I have to take a minute to pull my hair out of pigtails and up into a ponytail. My lil stylist friend, Nadia, cut my hair today. She was laughing at how much I had chunked it up with my razor. She was like, "Oh, Susannah, what have you done? I'm going to have to cut a lot off." Hahaha, being reprimanded by a tiny Mexican. It turned out really well. :D
I'm reading the posts of how my friend-in-junior-high Tracie met, started dating, and married her hubby. I still have a few more posts to read. I think I'm on four of seven, or so.

3:36) ACK! It doesn't end! Blast it. She hasn't updated the story since December, and hasn't posted the last few installments. Dang it all to heck. Now I am all enthralled with a relationship of someone I haven't seen in 5+ years! Aaaah.

4:03) I messed with my desktop icons, blah blah blah. Cleaned things up, emptied the trash. Blah blah blah. I changed my backround picture from a pink flower to Duff Goldman and Geof Manthorne of Food Network's "Ace of Cakes" (A small obsession. Geof says things like "I ate some gumballs. The white ones tasted like white, and the purple ones...they kind of tasted purple. So, I can only assume that the other colors tasted as such", and that makes me laugh really really hard.)


4:12) Did you know a LEGO is bought every nine seconds? Well, according to ABC World News Now.
My left wrist hurts.
I lay down for a while, hoping to be sleepy. It doesn't work. I'm still not sleepy. Ugh.

4:21) Tomorrow (well, later today, I suppose) I am going to a job fair. I have no idea what that entails, but it sounds like fun. Plus it's free. I love doing random things. I doubt it will be as fun as the bridal fair was. Oh man, that was fun.

4:26) Miley Cyrus will be legally changing her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. Her current legal name is Destiny Hope. Good move, Miss Montana, good move.

4:35) I responded to an email from a friend of Amela's who wants to come into the salon, and was wondering what days I'm there. Having an actual clientele slightly freaks me out. It's easier to do people whom I have never seen and will never see again. This chick wants a reddish brownish blonde, with possible chunky blonde highlights, or maybe not. Hahahaha, what?! Fortunately, that totally makes sense to me.

4:38) Justina commented on my MySpace page. "i REALLY hate when you don't answer or call back... it could have been an emergency :(" Ugh. Juju, you asking me to go bowling and to a movie on Sunday is not an emergency. Don't call during church and I won't ignore your call. Hmmmm, there's a thinker. I'm sick of her telling me she hates me during every conversation.

I don't think I can correctly describe how much I'd like to be doing something right now. Sleep is number one, but I'd rather be doing something than sitting here. I'd rather be doing Tae Bo...is that odd? Yes, it is. Maybe I should turn off these infommercials for work out videos?

5:00) Ok, this is too late. I am going to play some Yentl and try to sleep. I have to be up and primped so I can pimp myself out to companies at the job fair in a few hours. Woot.
Hey, according to the news, G. Dubya is going to be here in Las Vegas on Thursday!!! I wanna go see President Bush speak!!!

No wonder I'm always so tired when I get up.

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How did the job fair go?