Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ala Cuisine!

We are just starting our IRON CHEF: FAMILY

Our secret ingredient turned out to be BANANAS. Which is sad, because I find bananas to be disgusting. We have baby bananas, red bananas, plantains, baby food, dried banana chips, etc.

Surprisingly enough, I was not the one person who proclaimed this all to be "so stupid" and refuse to participate. That honor goes to my oldest brother, Aaron. He was moved from our team to being a judge.

I have been self-appointed as the recipe collector for my team. http://www.bananarecipes.us/

My team is in the upstairs kitchen. It consists of Elizabeth, Jayar, Aaron B, Heidi, and me.

The team in the downstairs kitchen consists of Richard, Suzanne, Clarke, Aliesha, and Meridith. Meridith has her laptop and is being the recipe collector.

We are making Bananas Foster-stuffed french toast, bacon wrapped scallops with banana sauce? I think. and some other stuff...

I'm not sure yet because we are still in the "PREPARATION" segment.

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