Saturday, July 21, 2007

one day he will come / riding out of the dawn / and you'll awaken to love's first kiss / 'til then, sleeping beauty, sleep on

When I got out out of work tonight I had two voicemails from Caroline asking what time I'd get home and if I'd like to have a sleepover. So cute! So my sweet nieces, Caroline and Emma Kate, are sleeping over tonight.

* I was begged to turn off Craig Ferguson and replace it with Sleeping Beauty.
* I am on my allotted 1/5th of my queen size bed.
* I only have one of my six pillows.
* There is a knee jutted in my side, I think it is Emma Katie's.
* Despite the three comforters on my bed, I am blanketless.

Hahaha. But it is a lot of fun, I love having them over here! Caroline was explaining to Emma Kate the rules for sleepovers at my house. They are: 1) Have fun! 2) Promise to not be grumpy the next day. 3) Don't get bored or you'll have to go home. (I'm not sure where Care got that last one, but it makes me laugh.)

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to see Harry Potter. :) (my 3rd time) And I'll get to embarass Care over and over by asking if she thinks Ron is cute? How about Harry? How about Neville? How about Sirius? Oh, come on, CareBear, he's not THAT OLD! Besides, he's Gary Oldman! Rawr! about Draco?

I need to reread book six because my baby sister Meridith is flying down here on Tuesday and I'll need to be all prepared to read and discuss book seven thoroughly with her.

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