Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I don't disdain you! Quite the opposite; I dain you. And if you got to know me you'd dain me too." - Turk, Scrubs

Dear Susannah of the Future,

At 11:15 p.m. on July 24th 2007 you had 45 minutes left of being 22-years-old. It was an odd feeling, as you were quite sure not much time had passed since 11:15 p.m. on July 24th 2000 when you had 45 minutes left of being 15-years-old. Except that at 11:15 p.m. on July 24th 2000 you were packing for girls camp and had such excitement for what turning 16 meant: you could date! The 22-year-old-for-45-more-minutes you understands the hilarity in that.

Your 23rd year of life was pretty eventful while being completely uneventful. On July 26th 2006, when you were 22-years-and-one-day-old, Lance Bass (remember him? The man whose four-foot poster hung on your bedroom wall for around, oh, five years; and was your go-to name in every MASH game [bwa ha ha]?) came out as a gay man on the cover of People magazine. You heard about it on the radio on your drive to work. You got more emails, IMs, and phone calls about this event than you did the previous day, when you turned 22-years-old. Punks.
In October you had lived in Las Vegas for one solid year; a year that would have been completely lonely if not for Elizabeth and her family. Speaking went to Disneyland and California Adventure with them that October. What a fun trip!!! However, it was somewhat of a last hurrah, as you were starting school a few days later. Eek, school; what an emotional rollercoaster that year was. Little sleep, lots of tears.
In December you went home to Utah for Christmas. Unfortunately, it would probably be the last or one of the last times you got woken up Christmas morning by your little sister at your parents house, like you had for 22 Christmases before.
January 25th 2007 you celebrated your being 22 & 1/2-years-old with buying yourself half of a cake and sprinkling half your desk with confetti. Bwa ha ha.
In the spring you began working on the salon floor, feeling like a complete fake with each client. You were split between laughing and feeling horrible that people were actually paying a lot of their money for you to play with their hair. Until April 30th, 2007, when you had just finished cleaning up your station after giving a client some awesome highlights and a freaking great haircut. You pulled your blonde hair into a low ponytail, swept your new bangs over, adjusted your large silver hoop earrings, and glanced in the mirror...and there stood a stylist. Finally you felt like you had things under control, and now you felt the money they were spending was completely justified. Rock on.

You had planned for your 23rd year to be one of change. You were hoping to become organized in many parts of your life, and unfortunately failed in most.
Money spent frivolously: goal- very little; actual- thousands
Pounds gained: goal- none; actual: 20
Pounds lost: goal: 50; actual: 20
Soda consumed: goal: 0 ounces; actual: gallons monthly

The lack of completion of almost all the goals set only gives you more inspiration to set a new list for your 24th year.

As you legally changed from 22 to 23 (though not technically, as you were born at 2:41 a.m.) you watched The Fifth Element because of enjoying Gary Oldman (Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element...also Sirius Black in Harry Potter III, IV, and V) probably a bit more than you should, as he is a 49-year-old short skinny British guy. And, uh...what was my point?

Here's to 23!


Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Susannah! 23 will be your best year yet :)

Lukie said...

You're the coolest auntie evah!!! and I love you the most!!

Elizabeth said...



*Soooie, Sussanha, Sushie, Annah, take your pick.

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