Monday, April 02, 2007

my goodness!

Happy birthday, Meridith!

Today is my baby sister's 20th birthday. CUH-RAE-ZY!!!

To me she is still the six-year-old Meridith: sweet, quiet, stumbling her way through telling jokes, and asking, "What?" all the time.

But now she is fiesty, boisterous, hilarious, and intelligent. When did that happen?!

She stays freakishly fit even though that girl eats more than any person I've met. Our oldest brother, Aaron, teases Meridith at every family meal--asking her how many plates she's had so far and would she please leave some food for his children. is a lot of fun to go to buffets with Meridith.

Meridith meets her twin in San Francisco

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Meridith said...

Why, thank you, Sue. :)

Oh, by the way, you still need to send me those San Francisco pictures.