Thursday, March 29, 2007

She's 4!

Happy birthday, Alexa!

Today is my niece, Alexa's 4th birthday.

Every 3 years we have a family vacation to Hawaii (or St. Maui, as in '06 ;) ) with just the siblings and my parents. But last time Little Miss Lexi Lou Who went with us to Hawaii, because she was only a few months old. She was so sweet and so fun to hold!

When Lexi was little I got to hang out with her a lot, which was a blast. One of my favorite times with Alexa was the day I took her shopping when she was two-years-old. We stopped at the bank and Lex sat on my shoulders in line. Then we went to the grocery store, and Miss Lexi wore my sunglasses the entire time. She picked out some fun foods, but kept requesting a Happy Meal. I told her we would stop by McDonalds on the way home, which appeased her. As we pulled into the McDonalds parking lot I asked Alexa what else she wanted and she proclaimed, "A large COKE!" Bwa ha ha ha.

This past December I took Miss Lexi Lou Who and my other niece, Brooklyn, Christmas shopping. I asked the girls if they were hungry and Lexi requested popcorn and a drink-so that's what I got her. The girls got all cozy in the cart, propping their feet up, and were eager to help me pick out my last-minute gifts for some of their cousins.

Young Miss Lexi

Alexa and her darling sister, Sophia

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