Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"I'll sell you anything if you give me the money first." -Sus

Genealogy is an interesting thing, and I can get engrossed for hours looking up and down family trees, seeing where things intersect.

The validity of the maternal family tree of President Abraham Lincoln is debated on many sites. However, with the generally agreed line:

President Abraham Lincoln and I are 4th cousins 6 times removed. And actor Tom Hanks and I are 9th cousins 2 times removed.

And Tom Hanks and Abraham Lincoln are either 4th cousins 4 times removed (if you go by one questioned line), 5th cousins 4 times removed (if you go by the other questioned line), or 3rd cousins 4 times removed (if you Google it.)

And all three of us share an ancestor who was born in Buckland Gloucester England in the early 1400s.

And this is how I spent my lunch hour.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Very cool! I'm trying to get into genealogy work. It hasn't been something that I've had the "bug" for, but it's a goal I have this year. :)

Tashina said...

i haven't ever really gotten into it. but i have tried it, and it is really hard to do for my ancestry. but, my great great great great er... great (??) grandfather was a black freed slave.

i have a friend who is a descendent from pocahontas.

this is something i should look into more...