Friday, March 02, 2007

What did you just do?

EDIT-- I am dumb, and I set the video to private so you had to be signed in and on my safe list. Sorry. It is changed now.

Originally posted 2/24/2007

My little sister, Meridith, was in town last weekend. We were driving from the office and singing along to my iPod. She had been using an antenna topper on a chopstick (which I had in my bud vase...uh, don't ask) as a microphone, but on one particular song she had put away her microphone.

At one point in the song I handed her my popsicle to use as her microphone and right then...well...the video says it best:

We were laughing SO HARD before I pulled out my camera. I'm talking tears streaming down my face laughter. (Do I really sound like that? Man, I sound annoying.)


Sariah in Vancouver said...

LOL That's pretty funny!

I did the same thing with the videos I put up! lol

Tashina said...

you guys are funny.

i like your sister meridith, she's really cool.