Thursday, December 28, 2006

"Did I blurrify you?"

Tashina has arrived. After 3 flights and many hours waiting around various airports, she landed in Salt Lake City last night.
We stood at the baggage claim for over an hour; apparently the conveyor belt had broken or something. After getting her luggage and finding George in the parking garage we found our way to the exit ("Is this my lane? Is this even a lane?") and paid $4 for parking, with directions from the parking attendant. ("He's gonna be in a bad dream of mine tonight...I think it's the red hair.")

We decided to head downtown and go out to dinner. After no less than 8 U-turns within one block (by the fifth time we couldn't stop laughing), Tashina spotted room for George to park. While walking back up to the restaurant we strategically avoided the valet attendants we drove past repeatedly.

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